The Clown Arounds are always looking for new members. The requirements for membership include:


1. You must attend a Clown Around clown clinic within one year of joining.

2. You need to fill out an alley membership application.

3. You must keep your annual dues current ($5.00 per person, or $10.00 per family).

4. Agree to and abide by the Clown Arounds code of conduct.

5. For full membership, you must belong to the Texas Clown Association.

           Only full members may vote and be an officer.



The Clown Arounds meet monthly at the Parks & Rec. Department, downtown above the Public Library, on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. Our meetings vary from month to month, but they generally include event planning, education and practice. Come visit our meeting and find out more about clowning and us.


For more information contact Greg Stanford, the current club president.