How Do I Become a Clown?


To become a real clown, you need training. The Clown Arounds, like other clown clubs, have regular clown clinics or clown schools. These training times help you learn about clown types, make up design and application, costuming, magic, balloons and what it means to "be" a clown. There are also national clown schools and camp which can give you intense, focused training.



You will need to determine what type of clown you want to be and then begin creating a character. This will include your make up design, costuming, and any character props you will need.



To be a "real" clown, you need to be more than a person in make up and silly clothes. Clowns use skills like acting, mime, juggling, magic, story telling, balloons, and music to entertain and educate their audiences. You will need to decide what skills you already have or which you'd like to learn and begin learning and practicing those skills.



The very best way to learn how to be a clown is to work along-side a seasoned clown. A clown alley (what a clown club is called) is a great way to be around other clowns, and get feedback on your character and performances. You can learn and improve on your skills with fellow performers. Clown alleys also provide great opportunities to clown along with others.


Continuing Education

Clowns never stop learning. You can attend workshops, lectures, conventions and alley trainings. There are books, web pages, videos, and other modes of continuing your learning.